EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT Emotional  Freedom Techniques

Is your past limiting your future? EFT, also known as Meridan Tapping or Energy Psychology, is a simple and effective method of relieving Emotional & Physical pain. A combination of Ancient Chinese Medicine and Modern Psychology, it can be learned by anyone and practiced anywhere.

A sequence of specific Meridan (Acupuncture) points are self-tapped on the body, as a physical or emotional issue is recalled that is presently causing some concern. With each subsequent cycle of tapping, another emotional layer is revealed and the true root cause of the initial distress is able to be identified. The tapping process first releases negative programming and then affirmations help create positive change and improved physical health.

EFT is recommended for anyone looking for a gentle and effective technique for reducing mental triggers to physical and emotional pain, as well as a simple relaxation method that can be used anywhere and anytime by anybody.

EFT has been used successfully to treat weight loss, anxiety, depression and physical pain as well as many other health concerns.