About Enhance Wellness

About Enhance Wellness

Enhance Wellness – Our Philosophy

Enhance Wellness Center is dedicated to improving your health and wellness. We go above and beyond to treat your health concerns. We believe wellness is achieved through a range of different holistic and integrative therapies to truly achieve optimal health. Our therapies and services range from Yoga, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Massage and the HYPOXI training method developed by Austrian Sports Scientist “Norbett Egger”. Our health practitioners have combined over 20 years of experience and knowledge and are ready to provide you with the best therapies and wellness advice.

Nourishing and balancing your body, mind and soul to Optimal Health

Our Wellness Team

Enhance Wellness Center has dedicated health practitioners that are committed to achieving your wellness goals with our main focus to replenish, restore and achieve “State of Balance to the Body, Mind & Soul”.

Julie Crisp, Owner

Life is isn’t about living without flaws, but we deal with the challenges and the imperfections because they are part of the whole deal. Knowing we can cope with problems is an essential psychological step to living WELL!

I focus on living a fuller existence by nourishing my body and mind to “Optimal Health and Wellness”. I am truly blessed and grateful to be able to share and pass on my passion and knowledge to better enhance peoples lives!

Tracy Andrews, Naturopath/Western Herbalist 

Tracy Andrews is an accredited Naturopath and Western Herbalist with over 15 years’ experience in the field of Natural Medicine. Tracy spent several years Managing a large health food company on the Gold Coast where she was the principle Naturopath, before stepping out to create a Corporate Wellness Company. Tracy’s true passion is to share her expertise to inspire change on a larger scale by incorporating key health fundamentals back into our everyday lives to create profound results. Tracy’s specialties are not limited to, but include: Smooth Digestion, Happy Liver, Burn the Fat, Sleep Smarter, Epigenetics and Fuelling the Brain.

“I believe that with great nutrition, a positive mindset, sound sleep and daily movement that we can all have abundant energy and create the life of our dreams.”


Chloe Padman, Remedial Massage Therapist